Random Creations..

Creating My First Diaper Cake

I love trying new things! I'm the type of person who can see something or  decide to do something, look it up and create it, just to say "I did that!". Also, it's to see if it's something that can hold my interest for more than 1 minute.  (Don't judge me..LOL) A friend of mine was having a baby shower […]

Current Obsessions

My Obsession-Ariana Grande

My current obsession is with a singer name Ariana Grande! I don’t think I mentioned before, that I have a huge love for music. I don’t know how you feel about music, but I think it that it can give a range of emotions. I love it because it makes me feel alive, no matter the genre. Back to […]

40 before 40

~~Ladies Only~~

This month I was given the opportunity to have a “grown up” all girls trip! In order to help you understand why my excitement is at such a high level of jumping up and down, let me explain a bit. Most of my trips include going to see family, with my 4 babies ,or to see my bestie and […]


Stop Wanting and Start Doing

  Are you sick of almost being ahead? Tired of giving up and thinking..ugghh if I would have kept it up I would be XYZ? You want to be better, do better, but you struggle with staying motivated because you have so many others things around you? I am here to tell you there is hope. […]