40 before 40

1.Take a trip out of the country with my children

2.Ride first class on an airplane

3.Stay in a Bed & Breakfast

4. Visit London

3.Be debt free

4.Go to Disney World

5.Have a Garden

6.Tour the White House

7. Graduate with a bachelor

8.Have dinner in a "dining in the dark" restaurant

9.Complete the Tinkerbell half marathon

10.Take a cooking class

11.Go to a murder mystery dinner

12.Learn how to speak Spanish

13.Take a random weekend trip

14.Do an obstacle course run

15.Reach goal weight 120-125

16.Learn to Swim

17.Go to a vineyard/stomp on grapes

18.Be working at home full-time

19.Write a book

20.Take a girls only vacation

21.Wear a bikini and look good(to me)

22.Go camping with my girls

23.Play piano again

24.Go to an art exhibit

25.Spend New Years in  Times Square

26.Go to a gun range learn to shoot

27. Ride on a train

28. Play piant ball game

29. Have someone take me on a romantic date

30. Travel to 10 states I have/haven't been in

31.Watch a broadway musical

32. Go to Jamaica

33. Take a photo every day for at least a year

34.Complete a heath challenge

35.Love what I do in life

36.Go to a beach with black sand

37. Stay in a cabin

38. Bake more