My Obsession-Ariana Grande

My current obsession is with a singer name Ariana Grande! I don’t think I mentioned before, that I have a huge Ariana_Grande_-_Yours_Truly_(Album_Cover)-Bianca Landislove for music. I don’t know how you feel about music, but I think it that it can give a range of emotions. I love it because it makes me feel alive, no matter the genre.

Back to my obsession, Ariana Grande, she is an upcoming singer that (to me) sounds like Mariah Carey. Her “Yours Truly” album though very current with the times, gives off a 50’s vibe, that’s playful and light, as well as a few of her music videos that compliment the songs. I love the 50’s, the music, the dresses, and the feel. That era seemed a bit more simple and slow-paced. Now that I have just realized my obsession for the 50’s I suppose I will have to share that in another post. In the meantime, if you are as into music as I am here are a few of my faves from her album. (It’s pretty much her entire album, but I will try my best to narrow it to my top faves!)


Honeymoon Avenue

Almost is Never Enough

Tattooed Heart


Feel free to leave comment to let me know if you’re a converted New fan or Not.