~~Ladies Only~~

This month I was given the opportunity to have a “grown up” all girls trip! In order to help you understand why my excitement is at such a high level of jumping up and down, let me explain a bit. Most of my trips include going to see family, with my 4 babies ,or to see my bestie and her family. So I have never had an adult trip where I only had to answer to myself throughout the whole visit. WAHOO!!  Needless to say I was super excited! As in jump up and down excited!laugh

On this trip, I traveled with 4 beautiful ladies and we went to New Orleans, LA.  Can I get a “Who dat!” 2013-05-17 16.49.49lol. We truly took the time to enjoy our road trip from ensuring our phones were stocked with music to having plenty of snacks and good ol’ girl conversations.

We stayed in the French Quarter absorbing every bit of the Cajun experience that we could get our hands on.  Many experiences we did ranged from the French Quarter, riding the trolly, beignets, Mardi Gras themes, and the Bayoo Boogaloo. It’s so hard to narrow it all down, with all that we did do, so I decided to share the experiences I was able to visually capture. Nothing like a good story with a picture to illustrate.

A few fun times:

1. We dined at Red Fish Grill that is where the group picture, at the bottom of this post, was taken. They had the yummiest dessert.  It was double chocolate bread pudding w/ice cream and a chocolate almond bark on top! The guy in the back of our picture was the waiter. He was a hoot!  His name is “Ike” and he is one of those “must request servers” if you go. 

 2.I jumped on the opportunity to take the bull by the horns…literally, and found myself taking a ride NewOrleans-Bodaciouschickon a mechanical bull at the Swamp off of Burbon Street. This was my first time and WOW, it was a jerking experience that made my whole body go in opposite directions! I was upset, because I couldn’t stay on to save my life. Looking back now, using deductive reasoning, I have concluded that I should have worn shorts and not jeans. So until next time….Oh Yes.. I plan on a next time…wink

3. Are you ready for this one. I found Hello Kitty on Burbon Street!…Well, I guess looking back at all the other characters I also saw, I suppose this sighting wasn’t too far fetched. My daughters love Hello Kitty.  Right when I saw her I couldn’t pass up the photo op to do a show & tell when I got home. ~It’s the little things~.

4.O.k lets test your memory of children’s novels. How many of you remember the part in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe where the White Witch offered Edmund some Turkish Delight? I remember as a child imagining what it tasted like because Edmund made it sound like it was better than any dish his taste buds ever tasted. Well, up until this point I believed it was a ficticious treat. Imagine my surprise when I walked into Southern Candy Makers, before my very eyes, I stumbled upon the coveted dessert. Yes,duh, I had to get proof for any non-believers! Bam! There it is!…Lol

5.Last, but not least, and unbeknownst to me, we visited the World’s Famous Cat’s Meow. I thought it was just another karaoke bar, but it was delightfully eccentric. They played various genres of music while everyone from all walks of life were having the time of their lives. This place was one of my personal favorites because they played the song “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield.  I came to know this song that most that are older know, by hearing it sung by Finn Hudson from Glee! The place lit up and the chorus compelled me to jump up and down with my hands in the air to sing along with the roaring crowd. Rick Springfield, Glee fan…either way, it was outstanding!  Yes, yes…Good times…

Well, I hope I slightly entertained you with my experiences because I enjoyed reminiscing on the memories. If you have never taken a trip with friends, it’s definitely something you should put on your list.


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