My Sister’s B-day

Today was a busy day of last minute details and tying up loose ends.  That being said, let's skip to the fun part of my day before you fall asleep. My darling sister decided to celebrate her 28th birthday with a festive Mardi Gras theme.

I Love Themes!

  MardigrasoutfitI was super excited to get a colorful mask for the occasion and put together  a vibrant outfit to match. What can I say? This girl,(yes, pointing to myself) loves a reason to dress up! The night was lively in my sisters home when it began because it was filled with good friends and close family.  What fun we had! It feels great when I am able to just go to an event and truly relax and be myself.  The party included several games and, you got it, several picture ops! I loved how the Mardi Gras theme flowed also into the food, from the purple and yellow chips to the beignets my sister made.  

As the night progressed we danced, while creating many of our20130209_235717-1 own dance moves and mimicking the others that were there with their dance moves. I'm pretty certain most of  them should be hidden from the human eye and the rest of the world for the sake of our dignity. LOL.  Why video cameras on phones should definately not be utilized. surprise

My sisters are 5 and 6 years apart from me. We rarely are in the same place together simply just to have a good time. That being said, we had to embrace the moment. I decided to share our experience and included some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Birthday to my darling sister.. I hope it was everything you wanted. Friends, Enjoy!