Creating My First Diaper Cake

I love trying new things! I'm the type of person who can see something or  decide to do something, look it up and create it, just to say "I did that!". Also, it's to see if it's something that can hold my interest for more than 1 minute.  (Don't judge me..LOL)

A friend of mine was having a baby shower at work. Being that I have so much "free time", I took on the challenge to create the diaper cake for this event(also being put in the spotlight to organzie it as well, mind you). I am a firm believer that if I choose to do it, I can achieve it!  I began my journey by checking out a few blogs and attempted to follow the how to's, and I came out with my very first diaper cake. Personally, I love it! It took longer than I anticipated, but  it was my first time and I tend to run on the perfectionist side. cheeky

Diaper Cake step1Supplies I used:

‚ÄčWelches Sparkling Grape Juice

90 pack Pamper Swaddlers

Yarn (some recommend rubber bands)

Satin Ribbon (around the cake)

Grosgrain or Wired Ribbon for the bow

Ribbon wire

Round Cardboard or Round plastic serving dish

(Dollar Tree has great serving dishes)


Diaper cake step2Directions:

If you have seen several diapers cakes, you will see that many of the diapers are rolled up like the neat underwear in the department stores.  If only I could duplicate it for my underwear in my drawers… Needless to say, that option didn't work well for me. My interpretation of the instruction was nowhere near the examples. I pressed onward. I found that I liked the option of folding the diaper in half and it provided the softer look I wanted. My diapers weren't standing on their own and they began to open. I took the yarn, formed it into a circle and began placing diapers in the center. I did this by holding one hand with the two ends of string and the other hand folding the diapers with my chin and placing them inside the circle. I noticed a few void spaces around the center, so I stuffed two diapers around the bottle,tightened the string, tied it in a knot and then cut.

If only I could have stopped there. I completely fell in love with the bottom layer! It felt like I had achieved diaper cake perfection! I continued to duplicate the same process on the 2nd layer, but making sure not to put as many diapers as the first layer so it would create that 2nd tier look.Diaper cake step3 Again the same thing with the 3rd. This time I was completely unhappy with my work. The higher I got, the less together my cake was starting to look. I completed my layers anyway, but had to figure out how to fix it. You know what they say, "Fake it until you make it". Well that's exactly what I intended to do.

I had no idea what I was going to do with my ribbon. I experimented. I took pictures.  I looked at the pictures over and over. I realized that I didn't want any of my diapers to show, because they looked like a hot mess. Then, I had the great idea to disguise them. Next came double solid color ribbons on the top and the bottom and I did a white ribbon in the middle. It turned out better than I thought, but I still felt it looked pretty plain.  I added a double clear white ribbon over the solid ribbons, added my bows and then the baby powder to top it off. I mean, after all, this is a diaper cake!

Diaper cake step4

If you decide to make one, please send it to me so I can check it out.  You can jazz it up with baby toys and other fun goodies for the parents to be. 

I know there are other awesome diaper cakes out there, but now I can say this one…this one was all mine!!! 








Final Result

Bodacious Chick Diaper cake